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Getting Started

Getting Started: Transaction Type Overview

Business Internet Banking Transaction Types



ACH Pass-Thru

Upload a NACHA-formatted file.

ACH Payment

Send a payment to one recipient.

ACH Batch

Send a payment to several recipients.

Domestic Wire

Send a wire to a recipient within the US.

International Wire

Send a wire to a recipient in a different



Send payroll to several recipients. If a

recipient has more than one account, you

can split that payment into several accounts.

Tax Payment

Send federal payments.

You can send various types of payments within your Business Internet Banking.

This section explains a wire vs ACH and what each transaction type does. Please

call us at 889-7755 (800-347-2838 outside the Albuquerque area) if you have

questions about wire or ACH transfer fees.

Sending a Wire Vs Sending an ACH Transaction

Wire Transfers are the quickest electronic transfers between accounts, providing

a real-time option for sending money.

ACH Transactions are similar to wire transfers, but the bank uses a batch process.

Although it is less expensive option, funds are generally not available until the

next business day.

Transaction Type Overview