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Commercial: Users Overview

Our Internet Banking system allows business owners and managers to set up

multiple levels of access to their accounts. Each user has their own unique login

ID and password.

If you are a larger business and think multiple accounts would be beneficial,

please contact your accountant or business financial advisors to establish the

business policies. Once those policies are in place, you can use this section to

help establish and configure your Internet Banking users and their individual

allowances within your accounts.

Each user has their own set of user rights that permit or prevent them from

performing certain actions, such as:

The ability to send or draft payments and create templates on certain

transaction types.

Limiting their amount of transaction approvals, whether it is the number

of approvals that can be completed in a day or the amount of funds in a

specific transaction.

Access to specific accounts.

The rights to maintain certain features such as managing recipients, users

and templates.

Managing these rights gives users permission to perform specific tasks and help

your business run as smoothly as possible.

Users Overview