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General Information

Logging In

Once you have enrolled as a New User, and logged into Internet Banking at least once,

follow these steps for subsequent log ins.



s Internet Banking log-in box, enter your

Login ID



. Click




Forgot your password? Simply enter your Login ID, leave the Password field blank,

and click on the

Forgot Password

link. Click



What is a secure access code?

You need a secure access code each time you log into our Internet Banking system

from a new device. It is delivered to you via email, phone call, or SMS text message.

You can opt to have your device registered so that you do not have to complete the

Secure Access Code process in the future unless you access Nusenda Credit Union’s

Internet Banking system from a different device. If you delete the security certificate or

“cookie” that activates your computer for later use, you will need another secure

access code.

Should I register my device?

If this device is “private” device where you have exclusive access, you may want to

register to have it recognized for future log ins to save time. We discourage registering

a public device where other people could have access to the same computer, for

example, at a public library.

Logging Off

As a secure practice, you should log off your Internet Banking session with Nusenda

Credit Union before you close out of Internet Banking, or anytime you walk away from

your computer. For additional security, Nusenda Credit Union will log you out

automatically due to inactivity or when your online session reaches the maximum time