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Security: Protecting Your Information

Fraud Prevention

Do not open email attachments or click on links from unsolicited

sources. Nusenda Credit Union will never send unsolicited emails

asking you to provide, update, or verify personal or confidential

information via email. Avoid giving out personal information on the

phone or through email.

Shred unwanted sensitive documents including receipts, checks,

deposit slips, pre-approved credit card offers and expired cards.

Act quickly. If you suspect your financial information is compromised,

call us immediately

at 889-7755 (800-347-2838 outside the Albuquerque area).

Secure Sockets Layer Encryption

We use Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) encryption, a trusted method of securing

Internet transactions. This technology scrambles data as it travels between

your computer and Nusenda Credit Union, making it difficult for anyone to

access your account information.

Secure Access Code

You need a Secure Access Code each time you log in to our Internet Banking

system unless you register your particular device for future log-ins. It is

delivered to you via phone call, email, or SMS text. If you delete the security

certificate or “cookie” that activates your computer for later use, or if you log in

from a new computer, you will need another secure access code the next time

that you log in.


Phishing is an online scam tactic that is used to lure users into unknowingly

providing personal data, such as credit card information or Login IDs and

Passwords. Using realistic-looking emails and websites, this tactic attempts to

gain the trust of unsuspecting targets and convince them that vital information

is being requested by a vendor they may already have a relationship with, such

as their financial institution.