breeze FAQs

What is breeze Visa® Debit Card?

The breeze card is a reloadable debit card that can be used anywhere VISA cards are accepted. It is a simple alternative to credit cards and traditional banking.

With the breeze card you can only spend what you deposit into your account, therefore there are no overdraft or interest fees. This card has convenient electronic access and many reloadable and spending options, making it easy to manage your money. Apply for a breeze account.

How do I add or load money to my breeze card?

There are four convenient ways to add money:

  1. Sign up for Direct Deposit.
  2. Load cash or checks at a CU Anytime ATM which accepts deposits or any branch location.
  3. Load checks using Mobile Deposit on your mobile device.
  4. Transfer money using Internet Banking from your other accounts or through the Funds Transfer service.

How do I use the money on my breeze card?

You can shop online or in stores anywhere the Visa Debit Card is accepted. You can also withdraw money at any ATM, including over 28,000 no-fee CU Anytime and CO-OP Network ATMs across the country.

When I make a breeze card withdrawal at an ATM, the screen prompts me for account. Which do I choose?

Always select CHECKING when making an ATM withdrawal using your breeze card.

Is there a daily limit on how much cash I can withdraw from an ATM with my breeze card?

You may withdraw up to $500 per day at an ATM. If additional funds are needed, please contact us.

You can get your breeze card balance anytime:

  • Sign into Internet Baking at
  • Check your Credit Union mobile banking app
  • Most CU Anytime ATMs offer your card balance as well

How long will it take for funds to be credited to my card?

The availability of funds varies by the method you use:

Direct Deposit or transfers from within the credit union are available immediately.

Checks or transfers from another financial institution are available 7-10 business days after the first deposit, then 2-3 business days for all subsequent deposits.

What are the maximum and minimum load amounts for the breeze card?

You may deposit up to $2500 daily using Mobile Deposit or Remote Deposit. There are no limits for deposits made through Direct Deposit, ATMs or in-person deposits. There is not a minimum load amount for the breeze card.

Are there any kinds of special holds when I use my breeze card?

There are several types of transactions where merchants place holds that are more than the transaction amount. These holds are placed on all debit or credit cards by the merchant, and may impact the amount of available funds on your card:

  • Gas Stations: Paying at the pump may cause a minimum hold until the transaction clears; consider paying inside with the attendant for the exact amount and signing the receipt instead.
  • Restaurants: Restaurants may authorize your card for the exact amount of the dining bill to verify that you have enough money in your account. Make sure you have enough funds on your card to cover any additional tips or gratuities you may add.
  • Hotels and Rental Cars: These businesses may place a hold for the amount of your estimated bill, making that amount unavailable for other purchases. The hold may take a few days before it is removed after you check out.
  • Returning Purchases: Store return policies vary. You may receive a credit to your card, a cash refund or even a store credit, depending on the particular store. A credit to your account may take up to one week to process before it is available for use.

What should I do if my breeze card is lost or stolen?

If your card is lost or stolen, please contact us immediately. Your card will be closed and a replacement card will be sent to you immediately.

How old do I need to be to get a breeze card?

You can apply for a breeze account if you are 15 or older, and you need an adult guarantor until age 18. The breeze card is an excellent way to learn about financial management, and maintenance fees are waived until you are 21 years old.

How much does it cost to open a breeze card?

There is no fee to open a breeze Card. However, you will need to load a minimum of $25 before you can be issued a card. You may apply for your breeze account online.

Does breeze earn Community Rewards or returns through Earn Your Return?

Yes, your balance and eligible signature based transactions on your breeze card are considered when calculating Community Rewards and Earn Your Return.

How can I get my own breeze card?

You can apply for a breeze account online, or contact us to get started. Cards can be issued immediately at the Campus, University, Uptown, Cottonwood, Ladera, Valencia (Los Lunas) and St. Michael’s (Santa Fe) branches.

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