Information About the National Coin Shortage

Aug 11, 2020 ​

Information About the National Coin Shortage

You may have noticed signs in local stores about paying with exact change, or seen stories in the news about a national shortage of coin. There are several reasons that there is a shortage of coin throughout the country. Many businesses, some dealing heavily in coin, have been closed for extended periods of time due to the coronavirus pandemic, limiting circulation. People have also been choosing to pay by card more frequently, and shopping online, instead of paying with cash, to avoid in-person transactions involving money and germs/viruses. In addition, coin production was hampered at the U.S. Mint's production facilities nationwide in March and April, lowering the amount of new coin in circulation.

As a member, we want to share some important details related to coin with you:

We are (still) accepting change. Bring your loose change and turn it in for cash, a deposit to your account, or apply it to a loan payment. There is no charge for this member service. Our branches in Santa Fe, Taos, Valencia, Socorro, and both Rio Rancho branches have self-service coin machines located in the lobby. To utilize coin machine services in Albuquerque, you can also visit the following branches:

This service is only available in the lobby. When you visit a branch, please remember we are limiting occupancy due to the pandemic and following all COVID-safe practices.

You can still request rolled coin. Currently we are fulfilling rolled coin requests on a limited basis and as our supplies allow. Important note: if you need to purchase rolled coin, please contact our Call Center at 505-889-7755 (800-347-2838 outside the Albuquerque area). The Call Center can confirm if your coin order is available at your preferred location, or if you will need to visit another branch.

As businesses struggle to make change, some have opted to temporarily stop accepting cash.

You may need to use a debit or credit card for your purchases during this time. Learn more about the benefits of our credit cards.

Using your Nusenda Visa® debit card gives you access to unique benefits that help you — and your community:

The Power of Change. With each purchase you make with your Nusenda debit or breeze® debit card, you can opt to have your transaction rounded up to the next whole dollar and transferred to your Nusenda savings account, applied to your Nusenda loan, or donated to local community organizations through the Nusenda Foundation — it’s all up to you!

Community Rewards®. When you enroll in Community Rewards, you can earn cash back with every signature-based transaction that you make with your Nusenda Visa debit card. And we contribute a cash reward to the community and category of your choice.

We appreciate your continued membership.

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