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The Chronicle offers member spotlight articles, financial news, credit union employee spotlights, and news from Terry Laudick, Nusenda Credit Union President/CEO. 

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Message from the President

Dec 17, 2015 ​
Your credit union, embracing your past and future

Some of you might recall The Chronicle newsletter that the credit union published for many years and mailed to your home. Everything that you liked about that publication – interviews with people making a difference in Albuquerque, financial information, and tips – is included in this new, digital version. For other members, this publication might be new. Either way, I hope you appreciate the stories and information on the following pages.

The Chronicle
is just one of the many ways we inform and give back to our member-owners. From financial education to everyday savings opportunities, we are working for you. Last year, we were able to save members more than $16.5 million in better rates and lower or no fees.

Investing in education is also a way we give back. Studies show that communities benefit when kids complete their education. Programs like Powering Success, Running Start for Careers, and Parent University provide families and their students with technical training, internships, and financial knowledge. They provide real-world, hands-on experience, and they help students graduate. These programs offer members and non-members alike a way to improve their lives and their communities.

Another way we help reach students is with the credit union’s Financial Capability Curriculum. Used in schools across the state, it guides students through financial literacy concepts and covers lessons from budgeting to life-stage decision-making.

Our free workshops for adult learners are further proof of our mission of providing you with the financial information that members need. Educators and education are our past, our present, and our future.

In fact, we introduce you to an educator in this Chronicle. I know you’ll appreciate getting to know University of New Mexico dean, Kate Krause, whose work echoes a credit union mission: keeping kids in school through graduation. Dr. Krause is a behavioral economist who tracks University College students through their schooling to find out which courses ensure their success most effectively.

This Chronicle also brings you a glimpse of new technology, something that’s going to keep you safer as you use your credit and debit cards in the coming years: chip technology. 

Another article in The Chronicle gives you actionable ideas for building credit. Having sound credit is key in today’s world, and we offer tips on making your credit work for you, both now and in the future.

Also in this issue, we talk with Michelle Dearholt, our SVP of Human Resources, Training, and Quality Management. She talks about her role in Running Start for Careers, the high school internship program. She also shares information about programs like Nuvita, our employee wellness program, which keeps employees engaged and performing their best along with keeping insurance costs low so we can give back more.

We are committed to our values and are always looking to find new ways to serve you, our members. Take a look at our new Chronicle; let us know what you think.


Terry Laudick

President & CEO


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