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Financial well-being starts here.

Whether you need to lower your monthly payments or you’re looking for a way to pay off debt faster, let us help you get started on your journey to financial well-being.

Loan consolidation can help you simplify the repayment process by transferring multiple debts into a single new loan. You may even qualify for lower rates or new terms, which could also reduce your monthly payments.

Nusenda Credit Union offers a wide variety of debt consolidation loans and money management tools:

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Home Equity Loans

Used wisely, home equity loans and lines of credit can help pay off high-interest loans or credit cards, or can be used to make home improvements or a major purchase. Is a home equity loan right for your situation? Our financial consultants will help you decide.
Financial capability is about having the skills, knowledge, and opportunity to manage your money well. As a member, you have access to many financial resources.
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Credit Card Balance Transfer

Transferring high-rate credit card balances to a Nusenda Visa® credit card can give you a fresh start. We can help you lower your rates and there's no annual or balance transfer fees.