Nusenda's Microloan Program - formerly known as Co-op Capital

Nusenda’s Microloan Program is a character and relationship-based program that provides microloans for low-income and underbanked entrepreneurs. This lending model provides access to capital through educational, cooperative, and nonprofit organizations that provide customized and impactful microloans for the recipients. Underserved business owners and individuals who are looking to make an impact on New Mexico communities can now receive funding through 20 established community organizations.

$580,149 lent in 2023

Through the Micro Lending Program, we have lent $2,394,694 since inception.

206 new loans issued in 2023

A total of 401 loans have been issued since inception of the program.

21 Micro Lending Program partners

We added two new partners in 2023!

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The alternative to the alternatives

The Microloan program flips the traditional lending model and bases lending on trusted relationships between partner organizations – such as nonprofits, community organizations, and educational institutions – and individuals in the communities they serve. While character-based, community circle micro-lending is not new, especially internationally, the practice of offering loans through member organizations versus a traditional banking institution is a largely untried model in the United States.

This program has been called “the alternative to the alternatives” as it does not require credit, collateral, or status; and shifts the decision-making authority to community organizations, nonprofits, and institutions based on character, goals, and determination – so entrepreneurs can build businesses that succeed. 

Microloan Program Partners

Black Chamber of Commerce of New Mexico

The Black Chamber of Commerce of New Mexico purpose is to promote sustainable economic growth and empowerment within the black-owned business community. We are committed to achieving this by focusing on four key pillars: education, advocacy, mentorship, and networking.

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Change Labs

Change Labs is a Native-led and Native-controlled 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization based on the Navajo and Hopi nations. They foster the creation of successful Native American small businesses that provide a social benefit to tribal communities.

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Climate Change Leadership Institute

The Climate Change Leadership Institute (CCLI) is a non profit organization dedicated to phasing out greenhouse gas emissions & empowering community thru the ethics of conservation, the adoption of clean energy and the act of taking responsibility as a civil society. To these ends, we offer direct action projects & seed grants as well as other encouraging steps for solving the climate crisis together.

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Cruces Creatives

Cruces Creatives is a non-profit makerspace that connects people with the tools, training, and community to make practically anything--and that uses the tools and skillsets gathered at the makerspace to launch interdisciplinary charitable projects. Tools and space include 3D printers, CAD manufacturing tools such as CNC and laser, wood shop, bicycle shop, textile lab, audio-visual lab, electronics lab, kids room, and more.

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Cultivating Coders

Cultivating Coders is an innovative and inclusive coding bootcamp that breaks down—and crosses—boundaries… literally. Instead of students coming to us, we take our bootcamp to them. Because greater reach means greater impact. And that’s worth traveling for.

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Downtown Growers' Market

The mission of the Downtown Growers' Market is to support and promote local agriculture, small business development and community engagement in order to better the economics, health, wellbeing and education of New Mexico residents and visitors.

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International District Economic Development

IDED serves the International District with business incubator services, a co-working space and a creative studio space.

Native Community Capital

Native Community Capital (NCC) formed through a corporate merger and as a strategy to make more significant investments in tribal economies. The vision realized is the combining of talent, assets and markets to pursue a shared goal of closing the financial gap between tribes and the financial sector. NCC, with offices in New Mexico and Arizona, serves tribes and individual Native Americans primarily in the Western U.S.

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Native Renewables

Native Renewables was founded in 2016 to bring solar power to 15,000 homes on the Navajo reservation. Their mission is to empower Native American families to achieve energy independence by growing renewable energy capacity and affordable access to off-grid power.

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Native Women Lead

The mission of Native Women Lead is to revolutionize systems and inspire innovation by investing in Native Women in business. They do this by co-creating with and convening our community to build coalition while honoring our culture, creativity, and connections.

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New Mexico Community Capital

New Mexico Community Capital’s mission is to give rise to a more equitable future by providing culturally appropriate tools for success to emerging Native American-owned businesses, Native families, and tribal enterprises. We provide classes and programs that are taught using supportive mentorship, peer learning, and culturally relevant curriculum. We support tribal agencies and organizations with specialized technical assistance and business services.

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Since 1990, NMCAN has been leveraging community partnerships to improve children and youth’s experiences in foster care. Today, they have grown to authentically engage young people impacted by foster care, the juvenile justice system, and/or homelessness to advocate for systems change that improves their transition to adulthood and positively transforms our community.

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Partnership for Community Action

The Partnership for Community Action has worked to build strong, healthy communities in Albuquerque’s South Valley and across New Mexico since 1990. PCA focuses on critical community issues like education, economic sustainability, health equity and immigrant rights. Through raising awareness and advocacy opportunities, we support people and families to become strong leaders in their neighborhoods and in New Mexico.

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South Valley Economic Development Center

The South Valley Economic Development Center is dedicated to fostering economic revitalization in New Mexico by being the community hub for new and emerging businesses.

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Street Food Institute

SFI is a non-profit organization of food service and business professionals dedicated to shaping a healthy, sustainable and creative food future across New Mexico. They’re guided by a belief that street food has an amazing capacity to connect people and enrich our community by creating jobs, developing local business opportunities and inspiring the culinary leaders of tomorrow.

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Three Sisters Kitchen

Three Sisters Kitchen is a non-profit community food space in the heart of downtown Albuquerque. A place where delicious, affordable, and locally produced foods come together to nourish our community from the ground up.

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UNM Innovation Academy

The Innovation Academy is a metacurricular program designed to be the University of New Mexico’s (UNM) incubator for ideas, businesses, and people. 

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The UpTogether Approach is front and center of our three-pronged systems change strategy. To change systems that are preventing hardworking people from getting ahead, we work with individuals, families, funders, governments and community partners to:

  • Invest unrestricted cash in families and individuals with limited incomes 
  • Amplify stories that tell the true lived experiences of people with financial hardship 
  • Mobilize around state and local policies and practices that support and accelerate socioeconomic mobility 

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WESST's mission is to be a home to New Mexicans starting or growing a small business. They provide a support system of consulting, training, incubation and lending to help women, people of color and low-wealth individuals successfully strengthen and grow their businesses through sustainable sales, financial knowledge, and job creation.

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