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Community Rewards Impacting Communities

Community Rewards® in Action

We invest in you. We invest in your community.

When we work together, we have the power to create positive change in our communities across New Mexico. That's the philosophy behind our Community Rewards program, available with all Nusenda Credit Union personal checking accounts.

In addition to helping you reach your financial goals, we're committed to supporting the community initiatives that you care about. With every signature-based transaction that you make with your Nusenda Visa® debit card, you earn cash back. To earn your Community Rewards, you need to make ten or more signature-based purchases in a month. There's no limit to the rewards you can earn during the year-long program period. Because you are participating in the program, we also fund programs for the community. 

Based on your designation, we'll direct your contribution toward your selected focus area — Education, Healthcare, the Arts, Environment and Wildlife, or Community Services and Support

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Enroll in Community Rewards

Enrolling is easy and there’s no cost. Select your focus area and start earning cash back and helping your community right away!

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Learn About Impact Stories

We are committed to making a positive difference, not only in the lives of our members, but for communities across New Mexico. That's The Power of WE® in action!

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Earn Community Rewards

Each time you pay for a purchase with your Nusenda Visa debit card, select the signature option. You’ll earn cash back and we contribute a cash reward to the community.