With our Business Internet Banking tools, it's easier than ever to manage your money online

Save time that you can redirect toward running your business with our smart online cash management tools and services available to all of our business banking clients. Our online business banking provides business members with an easy-to-use platform to securely manage their accounts with 24/7 access. Our services allows businesses to have multiple users in online banking which helps you monitor transactions. You can also grant access rights based on job roles and responsibilities.

How to enroll

Access your money and complete business-critical tasks conveniently online through Business Internet Banking. It’s user-friendly, highly secure, and helps you save valuable time.

  1. Become a business member
  2. For desktop users, click on the "Enroll in Business Internet Banking" button below to get started.
  3. For mobile users, download the Nusenda Banking app then click on "Enroll: Personal or Business" located at the bottom of the screen. 
  4. Enter in the requested information, create your password, and get started customizing your Mobile and Internet Banking experience!


Manage your business online

View account balances, transactions, check images, and more.

Set up multiple users

Set up multiple users with unique user IDs and passwords and choose the level of access they have to your business accounts and information.

Easily export information

View account balances, transactions, check images and more, and easily export your information into accounting software like Quicken or QuickBooks. View or print images of paid checks, including the front and back of the check.

Create custom alerts and reports

Monitor your account with customized alerts, including date, account, history, and transaction alerts. Set up custom reports and balance alerts when your balances go above or below a specified amount.

Make payments online

Use Bill Payer to pay your bills anytime you want - conveniently, safely and efficiently without the hassles of writing checks and addressing envelopes.

Manage stop payments

Conveniently place check stop payments directly from your computer, saving a trip to your branch.

Easy account transfers

Easily make transfers between accounts within the same membership. Save time by setting up future or recurring transfers.

Explore our business solutions

We offer a suite of business services to help you manage all your business needs.

Business Services

Choose from three business checking accounts, each offering great value and convenience for business owners.

Commercial Lending

Whether you need room to breathe or funds to grow your business, we offer a range of lending solutions.

Treasury Management

At Nusenda Credit Union we offer powerful and convenient banking tools and services and access to knowledgeable Treasury Management support.