Member Savings

Members save by participating in Nusenda Credit Union. Savings come from lower fees, more competitive rates, and financial returns paid back to members.

Loyal, high-use member households often receive even more than average financial benefits.

The Credit Union National Association (CUNA) has determined that Nusenda Credit Union provided $20,172,310 in direct financial benefits to its members during the twelve months ending in September 2015. These benefits are equivalent to approximately $254 per member household. Nusenda Credit Union provided loyal high-use member households $559 in direct financial benefits.

Credit unions generally provide financial benefits to members by charging less for loans, paying more on deposits, and charging fewer/lower fees, compared to banking institutions.

In addition to what your credit union returns to you, Nusenda Credit Union gives back in many other ways. Totaling all Community Rewards, Earn Your Return, and other in-kind returns, Nusenda Credit Union gave $21,469,367 back in 2014 alone, and over $135 Million since 2006.

Additional benefits of credit union membership include:

  • All members are owners
  • Every member’s voice is important
  • Credit unions are not-for-profit
  • Surplus income is shared with the members through Earn Your Return and Community Rewards
  • Fewer or no fees and better rates
  • Lower loan interest rates and higher savings rates, frequently exceeding banks’ best offers

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