The Power of Change® Program

Simplify your savings, pay down your debt, or contribute to your community by participating in The Power of Change. With each purchase you make with your Nusenda Visa® debit card or breeze® debit card, you can opt to have your transaction rounded up to the next whole dollar and transferred to your Nusenda savings account, applied to your Nusenda loan, or donated to local community organizations through the Nusenda Foundation — it’s all up to you!

It’s easy to enroll in The Power of Change and you choose how you designate your transaction round up funds. It’s your change, so it’s your choice!

Person paying for pizza delivery

Change Your Savings Habits

Save time and money by automating your savings with The Power of Change.
Woman paying a credit card bill

Change Your Debt

Take the extra step towards conquering your debt with The Power of Change.
Volunteers sorting blankets

Change Your Community

Make a difference by donating to a cause you care about in New Mexico through The Power of Change.