Checking Accounts

Nusenda Credit Union’s personal checking accounts bring rewards instead of the high fees associated with typical banking services. As a credit union serving more than 150,000 members, we’re able to offer several low-fee or no-fee options, including the breeze Debit Card, Essential Checking, and Dividend Checking accounts.

All three accounts offer a variety of ways to make banking easy, anytime, anywhere. Like state-of-the-art Apps, Mobile Deposit, and Apple PayTM. Plus, we offer programs like Community Rewards and Earn Your Return to reward you instead of ways to nickle and dime you with unnecessary fees.  That's what we're all about.

breeze Debit Card Account >

A great option for those who don’t need to write checks, or for young people learning about smart money management, breeze is a debit card with built-in fraud protection. Learn more

Essential Checking Account >

Enjoy all the benefits of easy-access checking, a Visa® Debit Card, and several options for waiving the $5 monthly maintenance fee. Learn more

Dividend Checking Account >

The higher the balance, the higher your dividend, along with additional benefits. If you maintain an average balance of at least $2,500, the $5 monthly maintenance fee is waived. Learn more

Checking Account Benefits

We’ve made it easy for you to switch over your other accounts and payees to your new Nusenda Credit Union account. Click here for directions and a handy worksheet to make sure nothing is forgotten.

When you open a checking account with Nusenda Credit Union, you get the peace of mind knowing you’re doing business with people more interested in your financial well-being and giving back to the community than maximizing profits. Ready for a change? Welcome to Nusenda Credit Union.


Community Rewards

Use your Visa® Debit Card and get money back! Open a checking account with Nusenda Credit Union, sign up for Community Rewards and you earn a 0.25% cash reward on signature-based purchases*. Your credit union also contributes cash rewards to the community and category of your choice. It’s just one of the many ways we invest in you and your community.


With 200 surcharge-free ATMs in New Mexico, plus nearly 30,000 across the U.S., accessing the funds in your accounts is easy and affordable. You’ll also enjoy the convenience of Internet and Mobile Banking and Mobile Deposit included on every checking account.

The Power of WE®

Unlike typical checking accounts, ours won’t subject you to increasing fees at every turn. We offer simple options for eliminating our already low monthly maintenance fees, so you can say goodbye for good to the high cost of banking.

Identity Theft Protection

As a member of the Nusenda Credit Union family, your privacy is always protected. No matter which of our checking accounts you choose, you receive complimentary identity theft protection from VRS Elite Fraud Resolution Services.


Big bank services, small town attitude.

Nusenda Credit Union. The Power of WE®.

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