Fee Schedule

General Fees
Bad address (Credit Union mail returned as undeliverable) $5.00 per month
Cashier's check/bonded check fee (for members)  $2.50 
Cashier's check/bonded check fee (for non-members)  $10.00 
Check cashing fee  $4.00 (fee waived for members with account balances of $100 or more 
Copies (cashier's/bonded check, cleared check, over-the-counter deposited items)  $2.00 
Dormant account  $5.00 per month 
Fax  $2.50 per page 
ATM card/replacement of ATM card or debit card fee (no charge for replacement due to fraud or expiration)  $5.00 
Gift card  $3.00
Interim statement  $0.50
Notary Fee No charge 
Overdraft (Share) paid fee and Return Unpaid fee $26.00
Overdraft Protection transfer - line of credit $5.00
Overdraft Protection transfer - savings and Money Market accounts  $3.00
Overdrawn balance fee*  $5.00 per day*
*If account remains overdrawn for 3 or more consecutive business days, a $5.00 fee will be charged daily.
Photocopies $0.25 per page
Pre-authorized payment request  $3.00
Research  $20.00 per hour 
Rush handling (card)  $25.00 
Statement copies  $3.00 
Safe deposit box drill fee  $75.00 
Safe deposit key replacement fee  $15.00
Safe deposit box late payment fee  $10.00 per month
Safe deposit box rental (in branch offices where available - depending on box size)  $15 to $75 per year
Stop Payment (check, debit card, ACH, EFT, or cashier's/bonded check)  $25.00 
Temporary check fee  $0.50
Travelers checks  1% of amount 
Travelers checks for two  1% of amount
Wire Fees
Domestic wire transfer - outgoing $14.00
International wire transfer - incoming $0.00*
International wire transfer - outgoing $37.00 
*Note: Recipients of international wire transfers may incur additional fees that are imposed by other financial institutions involved in the transfer. These fees may be deducted from the amount due to the recipient at the time of payment.
Union Vacation Accounts
Withdrawal Fee  
One withdrawal per calendar year at no charge $5.00 
Checking/Share Draft Accounts
Dividend Checking - Fee of $5.00 if the account falls below an average relationship balance of $2,500.  
Essential Personal Checking - Fee of $5.00 if the account doesn't have a combination of ONE of the following:  
- $250 Average relationship balance  
- Enrolled in the eStatements program  
Overdraft Paid/Unpaid Fee (Rolling 12 - month period)  
1st item $21.00
2nd-5th items $29.00
6th-10th items $31.00
11 or more items $35.00
Automated Teller Machines
Foreign ATM Fee (not a CU Anytime or CO-OP Network $1.50 
ATM empty deposit envelope / check deposit off the same account  $25.00 
Shared Branches
Service centers, Albuquerque Metro and Valencia branches (per transaction) $2.00 
Outside Albuquerque  No charge 

*Fees are subject to change

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