Make the most of your everyday purchases!

Earning rewards is easy and convenient! During July, August, and September, members who use their Nusenda Visa Platinum Rewards and Visa Platinum Cash Rewards credit cards will earn three bonus points or 5% cash back, respectively, for every dollar they spend on gas, education, hotels, and airfare purchases. (You can earn up to $75 in bonus cash or 4,500 points per quarter.)

*Quarterly rewards categories are subject to change, dependent on current market research. If quarterly rewards are updated, they will go into effect prior to the quarter they are offered.


You’ve come to the right place to make the most of your credit card rewards

No annual or balance transfer fees

No matter which card you choose, there’s no annual fee.

Low APR intro rate

Platinum Rewards and Platinum Cash Rewards Credit Cards — 5% APR Intro Rate* for all Balance Transfers (first six cycles after card opening).


A simple tap of your credit card on checkout terminals with the contactless symbol, and your payment is made quickly and securely.

Mobile Pay

Add your credit card to Apple Pay, Samsung Pay, or Google Pay to make mobile credit card purchases without having to carry your card.

Credit Card Protection

Offering cardholder credit protection, information about checking your credit report, and preventing credit card fraud.

Auto Rental Collision Damage Waiver

Offers insurance coverage for auto rentals made with your card.

Warranty Manager Service

Manage, use, and even extend warranties on eligible items purchased with your card.

Simplify your finances with a balance transfer

Take advantage of a great low introductory rate on new balance transfers to help manage your debt. All new Visa credit cards offer a 5% APR Intro Rate* for all balance transfers (first six cycles after card opening).

Why Interest Matters

If you pay your balance in full, a credit card’s annual percentage rate or APR doesn’t really matter. But if you don’t always pay in full or spread payments over time, the interest rate is a main factor in deciding between cards. For instance, some cards offer teaser rates with incredibly low interest—or even no interest—for a specific timeframe, like six months. After that, a higher rate comes into play.

Credit Card Rates