Money Transfer Options

Nusenda Credit Union members can choose from four convenient money transfer options using their computer or mobile device.

  • Transfer funds between your Nusenda accounts with Transfer.
  • Send funds from your Nusenda account to your accounts at other financial institutions with Funds Transfer.
  • Member to Member transfer lets you transfer money to other Nusenda Credit Union members.
  • Send money to virtually anyone using just an email address or mobile phone number with Person to Person transfer. 

Funds Transfer

It's easy to transfer money securely between your accounts at Nusenda and other financial institutions. Before you begin making transfers, you will need to log into Internet Banking or the Mobile Banking App, select Funds Transfer - Add and follow the instructions provided to add your external account. After verifying your account, you can begin making transfers to your accounts at other financial institutions. 

* External Funds Transfers: Two transfers per day totaling $5,000 and up  to six transfers per month totaling $10,000.

To start using these convenient money transfer services, open a Nusenda Credit Union account and enroll in Mobile or Internet Banking. 

Call us at 505-889-7755 (800-347-2838 outside the Albuquerque area) or make an appointment at a branch near you.

Money Transfer Benefits

  • Move and save your money easily with quick transfers; you can schedule them for the future or set them as recurring
  • Transfer money between more than 23,000 domestic banks and credit unions and 85% of brokerage houses
  • Enjoy the added security of the Automated Clearing House fund transfer network – used by the Federal Reserve

Transfer Money to Other Members

Transfer money to other members of Nusenda Credit Union through your Mobile Banking App or Internet Banking account. A Member to Member transfer is a great option when you need to transfer money to a relative or co-worker's Nusenda Credit Union account and you don't want to visit a branch.  

To transfer money to other members, log into your Mobile Banking App or Internet Banking account, select Move Money from the menu bar and choose Member to Member from the drop-down options. You will need to select Link Account or Single Transfer. Link Account is a great option if you plan to transfer to another member on a regular basis. Single Transfer is a better option if you do not plan to transfer money to another member regularly. 

To send a Member to Member Transfer you will need to enter the amount, the recipients member number, the account you are transferring to (savings, checking, or loan), and the first three letters of the member's last name. 

To start using these convenient money transfer services, open a Nusenda Credit Union account and enroll in Mobile or Internet Banking.  

Transfer Funds to Anyone

 Start with a click:
  • Split the lunch check.
  • Send a gift to your grandchild.
  • Split the rent.

When you are signed into Internet or Mobile Banking you can check your balance, schedule your bills, and send a monetary gift or repay a friend, all at one time! Person to Person (P2P) transfer lets you send money to anyone within the United States with just an email address or mobile phone number.   

To transfer money, simply log into your Mobile Banking App or Internet Banking account, select Move Money from the menu bar and choose Person to Person from the drop-down options. Enter the recipient's name, their email or mobile phone number, and the amount you would like to transfer.* Next, select your debit card from the drop-down menu, review the details and click Continue. To complete your Person to Person transfer you will need to enter your debit card Personal Identification Number (PIN).  

* Person to Person Transfers: You may not exceed a daily transaction limit of $750.00.

Person to Person Transfer FAQs

How much will it cost me to use Person to Person? >

Nothing, it’s free.

How will my recipient receive the funds I send them through Person to Person? >

Your recipient will receive either an email or a text message with a link where they will be able to collect their funds. They will then be instructed to enter either their debit card or bank account information to accept the transfer.  

When I send money through Person to Person, when will the funds be available for the recipient? >

It will depend on how the recipient chooses to accept the funds. If they choose to accept with a debit card, it should be immediately available*. If they choose to accept using their financial institution’s checking account, it will be available within three business days*. 
*Availability of funds are dependent on the financial institution the receiver uses. 

 Who can I send funds to using Person to Person? >

You can send funds to anyone with a checking account, using their email address or mobile phone number (within the United States). 

 How do I send a Person to Person transaction? >

Person to Person transfers are accessed using Nusenda’s Internet and Mobile Banking applications. Please be advised, you will enter your debit card PIN, just like you would at an ATM or at a store, to authorize the transfer.


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