Enhanced Login Security (Internet Banking) FAQS

Q. Why am I being directed to the Login Security screen?

A. Your credit union does not recognize this computer as an authorized computer, so there is a need to further verify your identity. This helps to ensure that you are not an unauthorized person accessing information.

Q. What is an Secure Access Code?

A. A secure access code is a 6-digit number that is automatically generated and sent to your preferred delivery method.  The secure access code is an extra security measure designed to prevent anyone other than yourself from accessing your account. The access code is valid for 5 minutes or one use. This is not your password.

Q. I did not receive my Secure Access Code; what do I do?

A. Email: If you do not get the secure access code within 2 minutes, please check your spam and/or junk folder to see if it was sent there instead. Email will be sent from nonreply@nusenda.org.  

Voice Call: The automated voice will identify itself as "your financial institution" and will direct you to press the pound "1"; key to receive your access code. 

Text: Sometimes cellphone carriers block the short code, which would prevent you from receiving your secure access code. To verify if your phone has a block, please text "help" to "226563." If that is unsuccessful, contact your cell phone provider to inquire about a block against short code 226563 and 86434.

For more information on Enhanced Login Security, please email info@nusenda.org or visit one of your credit union's branch locations.

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