Security Alerts

  • University of New Mexico Health (UNM Health) Data Breach

    Sep 02, 2021
    University of New Mexico Health (UNM Health) recently announced that more than 637,000 patients may have had some of their personal information compromised.
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  • Fraudulent Calls & Texts

    Nov 19, 2020
    We have received reports of fraudulent voicemail and text messages claiming to be from Nusenda Credit Union, seeking to verify a loan review. The fraudulent texts and phone calls are attempts to access the member's personal and financial information.
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  • Fraudulent Calls and Texts

    Jul 01, 2020
    We have received reports of fraudulent phone calls claiming to be from Nusenda Credit Union, and seeking to verify a recent card transaction or payment. The fraudster suggests sending the victim a “PIN” by text message or email to verify they are the account owner; however, the PIN which is sent may be the secure access code needed to set up mobile or internet banking access from a new computer/device. These calls are fraudulent attempts to access online banking. They are not associated with Nusenda Credit Union.
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  • Increase in Account Fraud and Scams During COVID-19

    Jun 26, 2020
    Scams during the Coronavirus are spreading almost as fast as the virus itself. The U.S. Secret Service has announced that there is “Massive Fraud” against state unemployment-insurance programs. Due to the large volume of unemployment claims being filed during COVID-19, fraudsters are submitting fake claims, using stolen names and the personal information of people who have not filed claims, often from other states. The goal is to steal their victim’s benefits, money, and personal information to use for identity theft.
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  • Phishing Emails Regarding Account Security

    Jun 23, 2020
    We have received reports of fraudulent emails being sent to random email addresses and claiming to be from Nusenda Credit Union.
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  • U.S. Secret Service Announces "Massive Fraud" Against State Unemployment Insurance Programs

    May 22, 2020
    Recently, the U.S. Secret Service circulated an information alert to its field offices describing a Nigerian crime ring committing large-scale fraud against multiple state unemployment insurance offices.
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  • Fraudulent Calls Regarding Card Transactions

    Apr 27, 2020
    We have received reports of fraudulent phone calls claiming to be from Nusenda Credit Union and seeking card information. Remember, Nusenda will NEVER contact members requesting their card number and PIN. Please do not provide any personal or account information.
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  • Keeping Yourself Safe from Coronavirus Scammers

    Mar 24, 2020
    The overwhelming amount of news coverage surrounding the novel coronavirus has scammers taking advantage of the public’s concerns and fears. During this critical time, it is important to be proactive and safeguard yourself against coronavirus-related fraud.
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  • Social Engineering and Account Safety

    Feb 04, 2020
    Scammers always try to stay one step ahead of security measures when it comes to accessing your personal information. Actions that seem to be ordinary — like talking about a purchase on social media, or announcing a long-awaiting vacation — are now being used by fraudsters to gather your personal information and compromise your accounts.
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  • DoorDash Data Breach

    Oct 01, 2019
    DoorDash announced on Sept. 25 that as many as 4.9 million customers, merchants, and drivers of its restaurant meal delivery service may have had their credit card numbers and other payment information compromised.
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