Tap and pay with your contactless card

With your Nusenda Credit Union contactless Visa debit and credit cards, you don’t have to insert your card and wait — a simple tap of the card on checkout terminals with the contactless symbol, and your payment is made quickly and securely.

Look for the contactless symbol at checkout

Tap your contactless Visa debit or credit card on the checkout terminal

Go! Your fast and secure payment is complete 

What is a contactless card?

A contactless card allows you to complete a transaction without physical contact between your card and the contactless-enabled checkout terminal. Simply hold your contactless card near the terminal (less than 2 inches), and payment account information is transmitted wirelessly for authorization. 

Contactless Security and Technology

Nusenda Credit Union is constantly working to improve your banking experience, and that includes our contactless debit and credit cards.

Contactless cards are the most secure method of payment available at this time. These cards are extremely difficult to counterfeit or copy when used with a contactless-enabled terminal or ATM. They offer convenience without sacrificing security.

Contactless FAQ

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Want more contactless payment options?

Add your Visa debit and credit cards to your digital wallet and use your mobile device to pay in store or online.