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Change your debt with The Power of Change

Lower Your Debt

With The Power of Change®, you can choose to have your Visa® or breeze® debit card transactions rounded up to the nearest dollar and use the change to lower your debt — automatically!

Each day, the total change from your previous day's transactions will be securely deposited to a Nusenda loan (like a mortgage, home equity loan, or auto loan). The more you use your Nusenda debit card, the faster you can pay down your debt!

How do I Enroll?

It's simple! Log into Nusenda Mobile or Internet Banking, then select The Power of Change from the menu. Review the disclosure, select Loan as your transaction round-up destination, agree to the disclosure then choose Submit.

Note: if you have more than one loan with Nusenda, please designate which one you’d like to work on first.

Not yet a Nusenda member? Apply today and start conquering your debt!