Samsung Pay

Nusenda Credit Union now offers Samsung Pay, the latest in mobile payment options. This service is available to members who have a credit union debit or credit card and a compatible Samsung phone.

Make your Nusenda credit card your default card in Samsung Pay, and earn cash rewards with your Platinum Cash Rewards card, or travel & merchandise rewards with your Platinum Rewards Card with each purchase. Or, your debit card purchases can earn rewards for you and your community with Community Rewards.

Samsung Pay is available almost anywhere you can swipe your card. Simply launch the app, secure the transaction with your fingerprint and hover your device over the card reader to complete the payment.

Samsung Pay is Safe and Secure

  • Built-in Security — Embedded in your phone is Samsung's Knox technology, which constantly monitors your phone for signs of malicious attacks or vulnerabilities. If your phone is ever compromised, your card information is still safely encrypted within a separate and secure data.

  • Privacy Protection — Samsung Pay does not store or share your payment information.

  • Personal Protection — Transactions are authorized with your fingerprint, so you can control each payment.

  • Shop Safe — Every transaction uses a random token instead of your card number, which means your actual information isn't shared when you shop and your personal information is protected.

Get Started with Samsung Pay

Set up is simple:
  1. Look for the app on your phone. Make sure your compatible Samsung phone is updated with the latest Samsung Pay app. If you don't have the latest version, simply download it from Google Play Store.
  2. Take a picture of your Nusenda Credit Union debit or credit card with your phone's camera.
  3. Secure it with your fingerprint and backup PIN. You're done!

Please Note: You may be required to call and provide your last card transaction to complete the validation of your card.

See a demonstration on how to add a payment card using the Samsung Pay Smart Simulator.

More Resources on Samsung Pay

Learn more about Samsung Pay.

* Eligible devices include the Samsung Galaxy S7®, Samsung Galaxy S7 edge®, Samsung Galaxy S6®, Samsung Galaxy S6 edge®, Samsung Galaxy S6 edge+® and Samsung Galaxy Note® 5. Once members have entered their Nusenda Credit Union credit and debit card(s) you may be asked to call and verify personal information and your last card transaction to complete the verification process for Samsung Pay.

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