Coming Soon to CU Anytime ATMs — Display Updates

Soon when you visit a CU Anytime ATM, you will notice a new onscreen display that includes icons along with your transaction options.

If you set up your account(s) with your ATM preferences before the update, you will need to reset your ATM preferences after the update by selecting Set My Preferences. From there, you can:

  • Set your preferred language (English or Spanish).
  • Enter your personalized Fast Cash amount.
  • Select when and how you receive a printed receipt.
  • You’re all set, and going forward CU Anytime ATMs will default to your personalized settings.

You can change your preferences anytime by following the same instructions.

The CU Anytime ATMs will be updated in phases beginning in December. Once you select your preferences, it will default to those preferences for subsequent visits to updated CU Anytime ATMs. Machines that are not yet updated will default to your previous settings. The Set My Preferences functionality may not be available at all CO-OP ATMs. Please note, if you have multiple debit cards, you will need to enter your preferences for each card.

As a Nusenda member, you can visit any one of 30,000-plus surcharge-free CU Anytime or CO-OP Network ATMs nationwide. Thank you for choosing us to be New Mexico's trusted financial resource.