Easy Ways to Make Your Auto Loan Payments

Online or on your mobile device 24/7

At Nusenda Credit Union, we implement the latest technology, so that you can make your auto loan payment quickly and securely — all with no additional fees! Make your auto loan payment from your Nusenda Credit Union account on your PC or tablet, or on your mobile device, any time - day or night.

Do you have a newer mobile device? We offer Touch ID and Face ID for iOS devices and Fingerprint for Android devices, making logging in and paying on the go even easier.

Other Payment Alternatives

Telephone Banking: Make your auto loan payment securely from your Nusenda Credit Union checking or savings account anytime. Using your PIN number, you can make your auto loan payment quickly and easily. You can also get your loan payoff balance, account inquiries, and interest summaries.

Call 888-8920 (800-356-3178 outside the Albuquerque area). For more details, and to get quick-reference keypad and voice commands, review Telephone Banking options.

Payment Coupons: Auto loan payment coupons will be sent in the mail, along with your new loan welcome packet. Or download and print a blank auto loan payment coupon.

More Information

Email Us: info@nusenda.org with general questions about our products and services. Please do not use this email to ask for details on your account; use Secure Chat in Internet Banking for those types of inquiries.


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