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Contactless credit card transaction

Contactless Visa® Credit Card FAQs

We have an exciting upgrade for our card holders — we now offer contactless credit cards. With contactless cards, you don’t have to insert your card at a terminal and wait — a simple tap of the card on a contactless enabled checkout terminal and your payment is made quickly and securely.

Start enjoying the benefits of your new Nusenda Credit Union contactless Visa credit card today! 

Contactless Technology

What is a contactless credit card?
How do contactless payments work?
How do I pay if the checkout terminal does not accept contactless payments?

Contactless Security

Are contactless payments secure?
Can my contactless credit card be read without my knowledge?
What should I do to protect my contactless payment card information?
How else does Nusenda Credit Union protect card information?

Rewards Information

Where is my credit card rewards or cash rewards information?
Are new rewards available with the contactless credit card?
Why does the Manage Credit Card website look different?

Details About Next Steps

Do I need to reestablish my recurring payments?
How do I establish account alerts for my new, contactless credit card?
How do I perform a balance transfer?
How do I lock my credit card?
How do I add travel notes to my credit card?
Do I need to update my card information in my online and merchant accounts?
Did the credit card payment address change?

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Helpful Tips for Cardholders

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Credit Card Rewards & Benefits

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   Contactless Credit Cards 

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