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Enrolling in Community Rewards is quick and simple. Have your Nusenda member, category, and community in mind, and start here:

  • Your email address may be used to contact you regarding our Community Rewards program.

  • Community and category designations may be changed in January or February of each year.
    Click "Submit" to continue with your enrollment and/or selection changes.

While it is the intent of Nusenda Credit Union to pay the Community Reward every year, the program is subject to cancellation or change at any time, without notice.

The Community Rewards Program runs annually from January through December. Community Rewards are earned on a monthly basis for qualifying transactions and, when paid, are awarded in January. All signature-based transactions count toward Community Rewards to non-profits, regardless if the minimum qualifying transactions are met per month. A maximum of $500,000 per year will be distributed to community organizations.

Minimum Purchases per Month: Once signed up, to be eligible for Community Rewards in a month, 10 or more signature-based transactions must be completed during that month.

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