How to Earn Your Return®

What is Earn Your Return?
Do I need to enroll in Earn Your Return?
Are there age requirements for Earn Your Return?
Why is the distribution calculated differently for different age groups?
What is the minimum amount I will receive with Earn Your Return this year?
Which accounts qualify for Earn Your Return?
Which types of loans qualify for Earn Your Return?
How can I increase my bonus dividend return?
Is Earn Your Return an annual program at the Credit Union?
Does having an Earn Your Return qualifying product guarantee that I will receive a bonus dividend?
How can I earn a bonus dividend next year?
I was late on my loan or used a deferral option. Do I still qualify for a return?
While it is the intent of Nusenda Credit Union to pay an Earn Your Return bonus dividend every year, the program is subject to cancellation or change at any time, without notice. The Earn Your Return bonus dividend amount, when paid, is dependent on Nusenda Credit Union's financial performance and is not guaranteed. The Earn Your Return bonus dividends are based on annual average yearly qualifying loan and deposit balances. Investment Services investment accounts and Student Loans are not eligible for Earn Your Return bonus dividends. To receive the bonus dividend, you must meet all eligibility criteria (minimum average relationship based upon age,* as well as a $100 yearly average deposit account balance) and be a member in good standing on the deposit date in January. When paid, the Earn Your Return bonus dividends will be deposited into qualifying members' savings accounts in January. Maximum amount paid to any one member will be $1,000. For more information visit

* The age criterion is determined by a person's age as of Dec. 31. Minimum dividend amount is $25 for members over 18. Qualifying members 17 and younger will receive a minimum of $10.
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