Earn Your Return (EYR) FAQs

What is Earn Your Return?

Earn Your Return is a bonus dividend you can earn by actively participating in Nusenda Credit Union’s savings, deposit, and loan products. The more you participate, the more you can earn.

Please note that Earn Your Return is a separate program from Community Rewards, which rewards you for signature-based purchases with your Nusenda Visa® debit card.

Although this benefit of membership is not guaranteed, Earn Your Return is typically distributed in January of each year based on participation from the year prior.

Do I need to enroll in Earn Your Return?

No, your financial relationship with Nusenda Credit Union will determine if you are eligible. If you meet the eligibility criteria, you are qualified for an Earn Your Return distribution.

Are there age requirements for Earn Your Return?

No. However, eligibility is dependent upon your average yearly loan and/or deposit balances within specific age groups, as well as your date of birth. You must also have a $100 average yearly deposit account balance and be a member in good standing on the deposit date in January to receive your return.

  • Ages 26 and over: You must have a $100 average yearly account balance and have an average yearly loan and/or deposit balance of $5,000.
  • Ages 18–25: You must have a $100 average yearly account balance and have an average yearly loan and/or deposit balance of $1,000.
  • Ages 0–17: You must have an average yearly deposit balance of $100.
Earn Your Return eligibility is determined by a person's age as of Dec. 31 of the prior year. To receive Earn Your Return, you must be a member on the Earn Your Return deposit date.

Why is the distribution calculated differently for different age groups?

Different groups participate in different economic ways. A younger person may only be able to contribute at a lower level, but can still receive a return for their participation.

What is the minimum amount I will receive with Earn Your Return this year?

Annual dividend distribution is determined by your volunteer Board of Directors. When bonus dividends are distributed, and if you qualify, you will minimally receive $25 for members over 18, and members under 17 will receive a minimum of $10.

Which accounts qualify for Earn Your Return?

All share savings, checking, share certificates, IRA share accounts, IRA certificates, money market accounts, Vacation Club, and Holiday Club accounts qualify. Investment accounts are not eligible.

Which types of loans qualify for Earn Your Return?

All credit cards, auto loans, signature loans, extra-credit line-of-credits, equity loans, equity line-of-credit, and any mortgage loans with payments that are made to Nusenda Credit Union qualify.

How can I increase my bonus dividend return?

Your volunteer Board of Directors determines annual bonus dividend distribution. When dividends are distributed, the amount is determined by your participation in your Credit Union. The more you participate in your financial cooperative, the more money you can earn. Schedule an appointment with a Financial Consultant to learn how you can increase your return.

Is Earn Your Return an annual program at the Credit Union?

The decision to pay Earn Your Return is made each year by your volunteer Board of Directors and is based on the economic performance of the Credit Union.

Does having an Earn Your Return qualifying product guarantee that I will receive a bonus dividend?

Although you may have an Earn Your Return-qualifying product, this benefit of Credit Union membership is not guaranteed. The Earn Your Return bonus dividend amount is dependent on Nusenda Credit Union's financial performance. While it is the intent of Nusenda Credit Union to pay an Earn Your Return bonus dividend every year, the program is subject to cancellation or change.

How can I earn a bonus dividend next year?

The more you financially participate in your Credit Union, the greater the dividend. Consolidating all of your financial relationships with your Credit Union will help you earn larger returns when bonus dividends are distributed. Schedule an appointment with a Financial Consultant to learn how you can earn your return. Earn Your Return bonus dividends are not guaranteed annually.

I was late on my loan or used a deferral option. Do I still qualify for a return?

We are excited to be able to distribute member dividends to many Nusenda members this year. Dividend qualifications state that members must be on-time with their loan payments, with no deferrals. If you believe that you were eligible for a dividend payout, please contact us so we can review your member relationship. Thank you for choosing us for your financial needs.


Want to earn more?

We’re here for you. Learn how you can earn dividends; and how to receive straightforward, objective advice and services to manage your finances, so you can take care of the things that matter most — both now and in the future. Schedule an appointment with a trusted Nusenda Financial Consultant today.