Fraudulent Texts Regarding Debit Cards

We are receiving reports of fraudulent text messages being sent to individuals, including Nusenda members. The message states it is from Visa® and informs the recipient that their debit card has been temporarily locked. This is an attempt to access personal information, please do not click the link or call the number provided.

We have received reports that there are text messages being sent to some individuals stating that their Visa® debit card is temporarily locked. The fraudulent text states that in order to unlock the card the individual needs to call 629-230-0003. If the recipient taps the link in the text, or calls the number, an individual that is not associated with Nusenda Credit Union is requesting card information. Please do not provide any personal or account information. 

Nusenda Credit Union will NEVER contact members for account numbers, credit card numbers, CVV number, PIN numbers, or any other private information.

If you suspect anything unusual or that you are a victim of identity theft, call us immediately.

You can also visit our Account Security page for important security tips and additional information on how Nusenda Credit Union protects its member from fraud and identity theft.

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