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As a locally owned and operated, not-for-profit financial cooperative, Nusenda Credit Union provides financial solutions for residents to reduce their energy footprint; supports institutions that provide workforce education and training; and partners with trusted, local businesses that keep New Mexicans employed.

That’s why we’re partnering with Affordable Solar. Started in an Airstream trailer in Albuquerque’s South Valley more than 22 years ago, Affordable Solar’s roots trace back to a passion for renewable energy, a strong community, and having fun. Now, with more than 140 employees, Affordable Solar has outgrown the Airstream, but remains committed to the principles on which the company was founded.

Since 2015, Nusenda Credit Union has partnered with 100% locally owned and operated businesses, like Affordable Solar, that offer residential solar and other energy-efficient solutions — helping our members both save money and reduce their environmental impact in their communities.

Nusenda Credit Union can create a financial plan that works for you and your budget, so you can make the switch — and save money. To learn more about solar loans, contact us at or by phone at 505-889-5138.

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* Affordable Solar guarantees your system will be substantially completed by Dec., 2020 or they will reimburse customers for both the first-year interest on 26% of the system cost at an interest rate of 10%, and 4% of the contract price to account for the step-down decrease from 2020 (26%) to 2021 (22%) Investment Tax Credit (ITC). This guarantee is dependent on the existing electrical panel is able to meet the needs of a solar array, and requires that any pending roof work is completed and Affordable Solar has unencumbered access to the roof by Nov. 15, 2020.

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