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We are committed to enhancing economic opportunity in the communities we serve

Financial Education Innovators Program


Nusenda Credit Union is excited to provide the Financial Education Innovation Award to elevate educators and programs that prioritize financial capability.

Microloan Program


Nusenda’s Microloan Program is a character and relationship-based program that provides microloans for low-income and underbanked entrepreneurs.

Dual Credit Programs and Internships


Nusenda partners with local community colleges and school districts to provide dual credit programming. After completing the course, high school students are eligible to apply for the Nusenda Internship, earning college credit through experiential learning.

NMSU Financial Capability Center


The Nusenda Center for Financial Capability is a financial outreach and educational program resource devoted to assisting NMSU students on their journey toward becoming financially successful.

UNM Center for Financial Capability


The Center for Financial Capability (CFC) is a financial outreach and educational program powered by the University of New Mexico and Nusenda Credit Union as partners in education. The main goal is to make sure student walk out of UNM with as little debt as possible.

Arrowhead Center FinTech Lab


The FinTech Lab is open to FinTech start-ups and entrepreneurs in New Mexico and El Paso, TX. The Lab seeks to enhance the entrepreneurial ecosystems in the Southwest region by assisting in the development of financial technologies and preparing the leaders of tomorrow.

Innovate ABQ


Innovate ABQ a public-private partnership created to develop a 7-acre innovation district in Downtown Albuquerque for foster economic development and job creation in New Mexico.