Helping people develop financial capability

At Nusenda Credit Union, we believe that financial capability is about having the skills, knowledge, confidence, and opportunity to effectively manage money and resources. We are committed to creating educational programs and curriculum that help New Mexicans propel their financial well-being.

Financial capability education must be:

  • Customizable – it must be helpful and relevant to people in a variety of financial situations
  • Appropriate – it must be mindful of various characteristics, including age, culture, and environmental factors
  • Impactful – it must empower people to make a difference and take positive steps towards a bright financial future


Financial capability education at a glance

730 students completed

A dual credit, college credit, or APS personal financial literacy course sponsored by Nusenda since 2015

94 students completed

A dual credit or college credit course sponsored by Nusenda in 2022

472 students, teachers, and administrators

In K – college participated in financial literacy presentations led by Nusenda in 2022

192 high school students

Have been hired as Nusenda interns since 2015

Boost financial capability in your community

Financial Education Innovation Award Program

To elevate educators and programs across the state that prioritize financial capability, we launched the Financial Education Innovation Award program to invest in strategic programs that improve education, health, social, and economic outcomes.

No-cost Financial Presentations

To be a trusted financial resource for our members and communities, we provide no-cost, on-demand financial workshops, tools, and educational resources.