The Power of Change®

Every day, you use your Nusenda Visa® debit card or breeze® card for purchases big and small. Now, with The Power of Change®, round up those purchases to the nearest dollar, then place the change wherever you need it most. Boost your savings, pay down your debt more quickly, or donate to a cause you care about.

Enrolling is quick and easy — and you can switch up where your money goes anytime. It's your change, so it's your choice!

In 2020, Nusenda members put more than $5 million toward their savings, loans, and community causes using The Power of Change. Take control of your financial future and join today!

Young person at a Nusenda Credit Union branch holding a debit card.

Change Your Savings Habits

Grow your holiday savings with The Power of Change.
Person standing in front of a white car outside of Nusenda

Change Your Debt

Lower your debt with The Power of Change.          

Person in a black hoodie and blue baseball hat riding in a car.

Change Your Community

Transform your community with The Power of Change.