Money Manager

Money Manager, an improved online financial management tool, can help you get a clear picture of your financial situation and reach your goals. From tracking your spending, to setting saving goals, to paying your debt down faster, Money Manager offers you an interactive and fresh way to understand your personal finances. With all of your financial information in one convenient place, you’re better equipped to plan for a healthy financial future.


To access Money Manager, simply log into the Mobile Banking App or Internet Banking and click on “Manage Money” in the menu bar, then select “Money Manager” from the drop-down options. Enter the accounts you would like to add, then build budgets, track spending, and strategize your financial planning. 

Account Snapshot >

See all your accounts in one place. Add your accounts from other financial institutions. You can select your accounts from the options provided, or add an account manually.
Account Snapshot

Categorize Transactions >

View and categorize your transactions. You can change the category of your purchase by clicking on it, then selecting a different category from the drop-down options (categorizing your transactions will help you create your budgets).
Categorize Transactions
Categorize Transactions

Track Spending >

Know where your money is going. The infographic circles in “Spending” will show your purchases divided by categories. You can change the category of your purchase by clicking on that section of the circle, then click on the transaction, then select a different category from the drop-down options (categorizing your transactions will help you create your budgets).
Track Spending
Income: You can also track your income from your accounts at the credit union, as well as add income from other financial institutions.
Track Income

Create a Budget >

Create a budget that fits your needs. As you make payments or purchases in that category, your available balances adjust. In the bottom left corner you can see the total amounts that you have budgeted and your total projected income. This will help you determine what you need to adjust when creating your budget. 
Create a Budget
You can even click on the budget bubble and create sub-budgets to determine where you are really spending your money.
Create a Sub Budget

Manage Debt >

Select the debt repayment plan that works best for your budget from the drop-down in the Debts section of Money Manager. You may want to plan to pay off your highest interest rate first, or your fastest payoff. Select the debt repayment plan that you prefer and see when you will be debt free!
Manage Debt

Set Savings Goals >

Put your money in order and achieve financial freedom. This tool will help you create a timeline to establish emergency funds, payoff your debt, and meet other goals like saving for vacation or a home improvement project.
Set Savings Goals

To start using these financial management tools and get on a path to achieving your goals, open an account at Nusenda Credit Union today!

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