Earn Your Return® Giveback

Thanks to our more than 250,000 member-owners who choose Nusenda Credit Union for their financial needs, we are one of the strongest, most stable credit unions in the nation.

Because of that strength and stability, Nusenda Credit Union’s Board of Directors has rewarded our members through an Earn Your Return bonus dividend program every January since 2013. Through Earn Your Return, Nusenda Credit Union has distributed more than $55 million to its members since then.

Earn Your Return Basics

Your Earn Your Return bonus dividend is based on your usage of qualifying products like checking accounts, mortgages, car loans, or credit cards. The more you participate with us, and the better we perform together, the more opportunities you’ll have to earn higher bonus dividends. That's The Power of WE®.

While Nusenda has been able to distribute Earn Your Return bonus dividends for nine years straight, the distribution is based on the member's total financial relationship with Nusenda and is not guaranteed.

2022 Earn Your Return Dividend

We’re excited to share Earn Your Return bonus dividends for members’ financial participation in 2022. On Jan. 26, 2023, over $5 million was distributed to member-owners as a result of their participation and our ongoing growth and success.

Earn Your Return bonus dividends are extra cash in your pocket — to build up savings, pay down debt, start a fund for special purchases, or to take care of a needed project like home or car repairs.

Want to Earn More?

We’re here for you. Learn how you can earn dividends; and how to receive straightforward, objective advice and services to manage your finances, so you can take care of the things that matter most — both now and in the future. Schedule an appointment with a trusted Nusenda Financial Consultant today.

While it is the intent of Nusenda Credit Union to pay an Earn Your Return bonus dividend every year, the program is subject to cancellation or change at any time, without notice. The Earn Your Return bonus dividend amount, when paid, is dependent on Nusenda Credit Union's financial performance and is not guaranteed. The Earn Your Return bonus dividends are based on annual average yearly qualifying loan and deposit balances. Investment Services investment accounts and Student Loans are not eligible for Earn Your Return bonus dividends. To receive the bonus dividend, you must meet all eligibility criteria (minimum average relationship based upon age,* as well as a $100 yearly average deposit account balance) and be a member in good standing on the deposit date in January. When paid, the Earn Your Return bonus dividends will be deposited into qualifying members' savings accounts in January. Maximum amount paid to any one member will be $1,000. For more information visit nusenda.org/EYR-FAQ.

* The age criterion is determined by a person's age as of Dec. 31. Minimum dividend amount is $25 for members over 18. Qualifying members 17 and younger will receive a minimum of $10.
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