Creating opportunity in our communities

At Nusenda, we envision a future where all New Mexicans can access the resources they need to succeed. Many people face obstacles to economic opportunities, especially those in underserved communities.

Roughly 46% of New Mexico households cannot cover basic living expenses after a financial or medical emergency.

22% of New Mexico households have a checking or savings account, but do not have access to traditional financial services and loans.

Organizations we support

To help people in our communities thrive, we are committed to providing resources and supporting programs that foster economic opportunity across the state. 

  • WESST - This economic development organization assists New Mexicans starting or growing small businesses with consulting, training, and lending resources. It helps women, people of color, and low-wealth individuals strengthen and grow their businesses through sustainable sales, financial knowledge, and job creation.
  • The Climate Change Leadership Institute - The nonprofit organization is dedicated to phasing out greenhouse gas emissions and empowering community through conservation, the adoption of clean energy, and the act of taking responsibility as a civil society.
  • Southwest Native Assets Coalition - The coalition focuses on increasing the number of Native American families in New Mexico and Arizona who have the skills and resources needed for financial success.
  • Cruces Creatives - This nonprofit maker space is committed to fostering economic development, furthering education, supporting the arts, protecting the environment, strengthening social connections, and advancing science and technology throughout New Mexico.

Co-op Capital - Powered by Nusenda Credit Union

We also help aspiring entrepreneurs and underserved communities thrive through our Co-op Capital Program, which expands access to capital through character-based lending. With this model, lending decisions are based on trusted relationships between partner organizations – such as non-profits, community organizations, and educational institutions- and individuals in the communities they serve.

$513,000 lent in 2022

$1,792,344 lent since inception

74 new loans issued in 2022

319 loans issued since inception

19 total Co-op Capital partner organizations

Four new partners in 2022

Borrower Demographics

  • 93% identify as people of color
  • 74% identify as parents
  • 67% identify as female
  • 50% identify as Indigenous
  • 33% identify as immigrants
  • 5% identify as non-binary