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Economic Opportunity

We want New Mexico to be a place with ample economic opportunity — a place where everyone has a fair and equitable chance to succeed. We understand this is not the reality for everyone in our state, which is why we’re dedicated to providing products and investing in programs that work to address economic insecurity in New Mexico.

We support organizations and programs that foster economic opportunity, including:

  • Cruces Creatives — a non-profit makerspace committed to fostering economic development, furthering education, supporting the arts, protecting the environment, strengthening social connections, and advancing science and technology in Doña Ana County, New Mexico, by connecting people with the tools, training, and community to make practically anything. 
  • Southwestern Indian Polytechnic Institute ( — in partnership with local tribes, tribal funders, and the American Indian Chamber of Commerce of NM, SIPI will create a “Tribal Art Ecosystem” which integrates ancestral art knowledge and skills with modern digital marketing techniques. This includes an introductory drawing course for SIPI students and community workshops held in the Laguna and Zuni Pueblos.
  • Native Women Lead (NWL) — works to revolutionize systems and inspire innovation by investing in Native Women in business. They do this by co-creating with and convening our community to build coalition while honoring our culture, creativity, and connections. 

An estimated 46% of New Mexico households cannot cover basic living expenses after a financial or medical emergency. Additionally, 22% of New Mexico households may have a checking or saving account, but do not have access to traditional financial services or loans.

In addition, differences in sex, gender, race, ethnicity, cultural identity, and nationality further compound economic inequities. We envision a future where all New Mexicans, especially the most vulnerable, have the economic opportunities they need to thrive.

In 2021, Nusenda actively helped the community by:

  • Saving member households an average of $311, for a total $34.1 million in direct financial benefits.
  • Helping local businesses keep more than 3,138 New Mexicans employed through 491 Nusenda-issued PPP loans
  • Donating almost $1.7 million to local communities and the organizations that support them.

Infographic of Co-op Capital progress through 2020

An example of how we nurture economic opportunity is our Nusenda Co-op Capital micro-lending program, which bases lending on trusted relationships between partner organizations — such as nonprofits, community organizations, and educational institutions — and individuals in the communities they serve.