Helping our communities thrive

At Nusenda Credit Union, we are committed to creating positive change in the communities we serve. We do this by partnering with local organizations and programs that are addressing critical, statewide needs.

Key needs include: Affordable housing, basic healthcare and safety, access to food, education, emergency relief, and reliable transportation. By supporting nonprofit organizations, assistance programs, and initiatives, we are helping ensure all people in New Mexico have the resources they need to thrive — especially members of our most vulnerable communities.

$510,365 in Down Payment Assistance funded in 2023

Supported more than 5,000 Personal Assistance loans for members

A product designed to support members in times of hardship where access to funds needs to be immediate.

Awarded $634,100 in Community Rewards grants

Gave $401,550 in sponsorships across NM

Donated $52,590 in emergency relief to various crises

Additionally, Nusenda provided $28,738 in discretionary relief funds to members experiencing extraordinary hardships.

Community Development at Nusenda Credit Union

We are committed to enhancing economic opportunity in the communities we serve.

Dual Credit Programs and Internships


Nusenda partners with local community colleges and school districts to provide dual credit programming. After completing the course, high school students are eligible to apply for the Nusenda Internship, earning college credit through experiential learning.

NMSU Financial Capability Center


The Nusenda Center for Financial Capability is a financial outreach and educational program resource devoted to assisting NMSU students on their journey toward becoming financially successful.

Microloan Program


Nusenda’s Microloan Program is a character and relationship-based program that provides microloans for low-income and underbanked entrepreneurs.