Financial Resources for Students

Banzai — The Best in Online Financial Education

Nusenda Credit Union has teamed up with Banzai, an award-winning online program and content library that allows you to practice real-world finance from the safety of your home using any internet-enabled device, like a laptop, tablet, or even a smartphone! Clear, in-depth lessons will help you dive into the financial topics that matter most to you, your family, and your community.

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SmartPath offers relevant and fun economic and financial education.

Learn About Money

Money isn’t boring. It helps you buy things that you want and things that you need. Before you start spending your allowance or paycheck, there are some important things you should know — like where to keep your money and how to save money.

Interactive Websites for Student Members

These cool websites make it fun to learn about money. (But you should always check with a parent before visiting any website.)

Pocket Cents for Teens

Pocket Cents is an interactive website for teens about money management, credit cards, and college expenses.

Money Manager

Practical Money Skills for Life teach elementary age kids about saving, spending, and basic money concepts.


biz Kids is a website for middle school students that tackles topics such as saving, shopping, and earning money.

Dream It and Achieve It

“Dream it and Achieve it: How to Set and Attain Financial Goals” offered through BALANCE, a financial education and counseling service available through your credit union. It will help you identify your financial goals and the steps necessary to accomplish them. You will learn how to be specific in your goal amounts and timeframes and about how to easy it is to maximize savings power.