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Smart Giving

Nov 13, 2017
Smart Giving: How to Make the Most of Your Charitable Donation. Never before has giving—whether it’s money, property, or time—been more necessary and valued. And if done strategically, your generosity can go a very long way.
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Interest Rate Changes: How Will They Affect You?

Oct 15, 2015
Net short-term interest rates have been low for an extraordinarily long time. News stories discuss the likelihood of the Federal Reserve raising interest rates, which has been expected for some time.
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Save on Taxes Next Year with Charitable Donations

Nov 14, 2014
Before you use up the last of your budget on holiday gifts, spend a few minutes thinking about your charitable giving and how you might improve your tax benefits next April. If you make a charitable contribution, you'll gain personal satisfaction – and your gift may reduce the taxes you may owe.
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