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Four ways to ease the burden of back-to-school costs

Four ways to ease the burden of back-to-school costs


While back-to-school is still several weeks away for most students, parents are already scoping out the costs for school supplies and clothes. states that with inflation on the rise, many families anticipate spending $500 or more on supplies this year, and more are expressing concern about the difficult trade-offs they may be forced to make due to higher living expenses. Families with multiple students are especially feeling the back-to-school pressure.


Although it may be a while before we see a significant change in inflation rates, here are some helpful tips that can ease the burden of back-to-school costs.


  1. Take inventory

    Before making shopping trips, make a comprehensive list of everything your children need, and take inventory of supplies already in your home. Sort through your closets, storage bins, craft supplies, and even school bags that you have laying around. While you may still need to replenish some items, you will likely be pleasantly surprised at how many items you’ll be able to check off of your list.

  2. Coordinate a neighborhood supply swap

    Contact other families in your neighborhood or surrounding community, and plan a supply swap. Gather items that your children no longer use, such as lightly-used clothing, binders, books, backpacks, etc. and trade them with other participating families. This can be a great way to get needed clothes and items that won’t break the bank (especially if your kids are experiencing  growth spurts).

  3. Shop summer sales
    Take advantage of back-to-school sales that occur as early as July. Amazon Prime Day runs July 12-13, and many competing retailers are expected to hold similar sales around that time.
  4. If using credit cards – be mindful


If you are among the many who will be using credit cards to cover school expenses, be mindful of interest rates and rewards that you can earn. Nusenda Credit Union is offering extra points and cash back when you use the Visa Platinum Rewards card or Visa Platinum Cash Rewards card for your back-to-school purchases. Money back in your pocket is always a good thing!


If you are looking for ways to save for school costs – whether it’s elementary or high school expenses, or your child’s future college education – opening a Coverdell Education Savings Account with Nusenda is a worthwhile investment. Your education savings account is tax- and penalty-free, and anyone can make contributions. You can start earning dividends with as little as $5, and you can contribute up to $2,000 per year, per dependent.


At Nusenda Credit Union, we’re dedicated to improving our members’ financial well-being and supporting them through affordable products, friendly service, community involvement, and financial education. We'd love to find other ways to help you save money. Stop by a branch or make an appointment to meet with us today.