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Benefits of going green

To celebrate Energy Awareness Month, here are some benefits of embracing energy-efficient solutions.

To help protect our environment and conserve resources, more and more people are implementing solar energy solutions in their homes and businesses. From electric vehicles to solar panels, energy-efficient technologies are quickly advancing.

Pursuing an energy-efficient lifestyle has many environmental and economical benefits. If you are considering going green, read on to learn about the positive impact it can create.

  1. Reduces environmental pollution and conserves natural resources

    Reducing your carbon footprint can make a positive difference in the environment. Releasing less gas emissions and embracing sustainable lifestyle changes (such as gardening, driving an electric vehicle, etc.) can help cultivate a healthier atmosphere and environment for generations to come.


    Nusenda offers fuel-efficient auto loans at a 0.25% rate reduction on published rates for vehicles with a combined fuel efficiency rating of 40 CMPG/CMPGe or greater. You can get preapproved today, and lock in your rate for 60 days. Learn more



  2. Reduces long-term energy costs

    While initial adoption of solar energy solutions can be an investment, the long-term savings and cost reductions can make it worthwhile. With New Mexico having over 300 days of sunshine a year, investing in solar panels can be a great way to power your home while offsetting utility costs. This can also protect you from rate increases from utility companies.


    In addition to solar panels, implementing energy-efficient air conditioning units, air source heat pumps, furnaces, and roofing systems can do wonders in creating long-term savings. Nusenda Credit Union has partnerships with merchants throughout New Mexico to help you find the best solutions for your energy upgrades.


  3. You can earn tax credits

    Installing energy-efficient solutions, specifically solar panels, may earn you a federal tax credit that actually lowers your tax bill. Learn more about tax credits at

These are just a few of the major benefits you can reap if you adopt solar energy solutions. Since 2015, Nusenda Credit Union has partnered with 100% locally owned and operated businesses that offer residential solar and other energy-efficient solutions. We also offer fuel-efficient auto loans and solar loans that can help you embrace energy-efficient solutions without breaking the bank. Applying is convenient and simple, so you can quickly reap the environmental and economical benefits. For more information, visit the solar page on our website.

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