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Start Fresh This Financial Literacy Month

April is Financial Literacy Month, and it is a perfect time to take positive steps to improve our financial wellness. Financial literacy—which includes debt management, budgeting, and investing—is vital to making sound money decisions and can greatly affect our everyday lives.


Financially knowledgeable individuals tend to make smarter money decisions. At Nusenda Credit Union, we are committed to helping you strengthen your financial well-being. Read further to learn how to utilize our no-cost online resources to boost your financial confidence!


Credit Score

Did you know that Nusenda offers a no-cost Credit Score Tool online? Opt in through Mobile and Internet Banking to check your score as often as you like! It’s quick, convenient, and will never impact your score. Keep an eye on your credit to fight fraud, compare rates, boost your financial confidence, gain insight into the key factors influencing your score, and more.



Banzai, an award-winning, interactive content platform that teaches real-world finance, is used by over 100,000 teachers in the U.S. Nusenda offers this program at no cost to educators and students. Browse through course offerings to discover a wide range of topics, including spending, saving, borrowing, investing, and more! Click here to explore.


BALANCE Financial Fitness Program

While nobody can completely predict our future economy, we can prepare ourselves by learning more about the basics of personal finance. Nusenda is excited to offer our members access to BALANCE. This complimentary program offers comprehensive financial education and unbiased counseling services, as well as monthly webinars on a variety of financial topics. Learn more.


We understand that boosting your financial well-being is easier said than done—especially if you have big projects or other expenses coming up. Should you need financial breathing room, Nusenda offers great options to help you meet your goals. Our Personal Loans can help you tackle unexpected repairs, make home improvements, or handle other larger expenses with low interest rates and flexible terms. You can apply online in minutes!


At Nusenda Credit Union, we’re dedicated to improving our members’ financial well-being and supporting them through affordable products, friendly service, community involvement, and financial education. We’d love to find ways to help you save money. You can reach us at 505-889-7755 (800-347-2838 outside the Albuquerque area) or make an appointment to meet with us at any of our branch locations.