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Save money this summer, no sweat!

For many of us, summer means spending more time with friends and family and enjoying a more relaxed approach to our daily lives. It’s important to continue to build your financial wellness and stay on top of costly bills during the season of activities, trips, and events.


Read on for practical tips on how to curb your spending without sacrificing your fun.

  1. Automate!

    Set up automatic deposits from your paycheck for an easy savings plan.  Or simplify your savings with The Power of Change, which offers you the option to round up your everyday purchases to the nearest dollar, and place the change in your savings. It’s easy to get started with our member dividend program, Community Rewards, in which qualifying transactions made with your Nusenda Visa debit card can earn you .25% cash back!  

  2. Consider home energy costs

    When the summer heat comes into full effect, it’s hard not to blast the A/C and deal with the bill later. However, there are proactive steps you can take to better prepare yourself for the heat this summer.

    • Take the plunge by investing in smart upgrades to your home that will save you money in the long run, including solar energy, air conditioning units, air source heat pumps, furnaces, energy-efficient roofing systems, and more. Nusenda can help you with our easy loan process. Contact our merchant partners for more information.
    • Simple actions like turning off your ceiling fans and lights when you leave the house can rack up the savings.
    • We love our strong summer sunlight, but drawing your shades in the morning can dramatically cool your home and help you save on costly utility bills.
  3. Prioritize experiences over things

    While some experiences are costly (think concerts or major trips), many experiences are free or low cost. This summer, consider going to the park, library, or farmer’s markets. You and your family will likely not remember impulse buys or gadgets but WILL remember a sunny day playing or exploring outside!

  4. Get creative with childcare

    The fact is childcare is expensive. Consider thinking outside the box this summer by researching local cost-effective summer camps. Often, the YMCA and city-run camps are very low cost. If that isn’t an option, think about splitting childcare duties with a friend or two who also have children. You can take turns on a rotating schedule, so that everyone in the group has certain nights free!

  5. Budget for a vacation

    Are you familiar with Nusenda’s Holiday Club Savings Account? It’s easy to save for a trip by setting up automatic transfers from your paycheck into this special account. Get started with just $5 and watch your money grow! You can contribute as much as $500 per month and earn simple-interest dividends. The Holiday Club Account matures on April 30, just in time for a fun fall getaway, then you can start saving again.

We hope these tips help you keep ALL the summer vibes with none of the sweat!


And remember, at Nusenda Credit Union, we’re dedicated to improving our members’ financial well-being and supporting them through affordable products, friendly service, community involvement, and financial education. We'd love to find other ways to help you save money. You can reach us at 505-889-7755 (800-347-2838 outside the Albuquerque area) or make an appointment to meet with us at any of our branch locations.