Feb 3, 2022
What would you do if you were trying to sell some furniture online and the "buyer" asked you to verify that you were a real person and not running a scam?  Would you message back? Would you give out your number? Learn more about how scammers are getting your phone number so they can scam others.
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Jan 3, 2022
When Sarah Pekkanen let her son sign up for a free trial of an online educational subscription, she figured she would cancel the subscription before charges began and in the meantime, her son, now 12, would learn math. But she forgot to cancel, and soon the charges started piling up.
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Dec 28, 2021
A successful investor maximizes gain and minimizes loss. Though there can be no guarantee that any investment strategy will be successful and all investing involves risk, including the possible loss of principal, here are six basic principles that may help you invest more successfully.
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Dec 3, 2021
If you want to build momentum for your New Year’s money resolutions, set some financial improvements into motion before the end of the year. Here are six easy-to-implement steps to help boost your net worth going into the new year.
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Nov 5, 2021
Last year, the pandemic changed the way many people shopped. Adobe Analytics, which analyzes data from top retailers, said Black Friday online sales in 2020 soared 21.6% over the year before. And while quarantine restrictions have relaxed this year, shoppers will likely have to contend with supply chain shortages and shipping slowdowns.
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Oct 4, 2021
The line between our online and offline lives is indistinguishable. In these tech-fueled times, the internet impacts our homes, societal well-being, economic prosperity, and our nation’s security. Every October, the National Cyber Security Alliance holds “Cybersecurity Awareness Month.”
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Sep 21, 2021
You know how important it is to plan for your retirement, but where do you begin? One of your first steps should be to estimate how much income you'll need to fund your retirement. That's not as easy as it sounds, because retirement planning is not an exact science. Your specific needs depend on your goals and many other factors.
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Sep 7, 2021
Our expert mortgage team here at Nusenda has gathered some tips and great advice to help maneuver through this unique market and to help streamline the process.
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Aug 4, 2021
The best way to prevent identity theft is to stay informed, aware, and on top of your finances. By taking the proper precautions and acting quickly, you can help negate the impacts of identity theft.
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